Storytelling Seems Easy Enough

Or: What I'm Going To Do With a Newsletter

Welcome to Act Four by Georgia Ho by me, Georgia Ho.

Lol okay I did not write that line but I’m just going to keep it there.

For years, I’ve wanted to do a newsletter of my own but I struggled to think of things I can put in the newsletter that felt good enough.

Then I realised I struggle to put anything out on the internet that felt good enough.

In this newsletter, I’m going to talk about my favourite thing in the whole wide world, and that is writing.

But I won’t stop at “the craft of writing” or “how to tell a good story”, I’m going to add in other stuff too.

And I know if you’re a newsletter guru, you’re screaming at me to HAVE A PROPER NICHE, GEORGIA. But I really like stories, and I really like exploring how stories are told through any medium.

And I realise that simply curating articles on the internet on interesting things isn’t going to cut it, and I want to see if I can grow this to earn some pocket money for me on the side. (Even just 10 extra dollars a month is good with me haha I’m setting the bar real low here.)

Right now, everything will be free, but I’ll try out paid subscriptions at some point.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: There’ll always be free stuff not only on here but also on where I post more creative work, personal essays, and some terrible poetry sometimes.

So if you like reading, or watching good TV (or — let’s be honest — good Netflix or whatever subscription services are streaming shows to us nowadays) and films, or you like writing, pop culture, or even Taylor Swift, then subscribe because I’m going to be writing about those things and how stories fit into their narrative.

(Wow much jargon.)

Sometimes I might write about things I find that are important to talk about but get overlooked as well — like (I’m scared to even type this right now) sex and the stories around that, or what it means to struggle with faith, or how to deal with burnout.

Some of those topics might need more research and reading. Eventually, I want to be able to talk to people who know more about things I don’t know about and share them with you too.

Because those are the things I like. And those are the things I think needs to be explored.

Sign up now so you don’t miss the first issue.

In the mean time, tell your friends!